For unforgettable moments!

Make your corporate or family events memorable. Whether celebrating a wedding, a holiday party, or a business meeting, we will help you make your reception a success.

We have several rooms for up to 250 guests ( please take note: except for the sugar shack season, from February 17 to April 30).

  • We will help to plan your custom menu
  • Large dance floor
  • Parking
  • Only 30 minutes from Montreal
  • Weddings
  • Baptisms
  • Business Meeting
  • Workshop
  • Training
  • Conference
  • Office party
  • And more...
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50 and more (Reservation only)

Important: Food rates are subject to readjustment according to our suppliers.

Vegetarian and vegan options available upon request.

Taxes and service not included.

For more details, or to come visit, contact us!

450 347-9090
Reception menu

Menu One


Apple Galette
Tea, coffee, juice

$16.50 / pers.

Menu Two


Rawness and dip
Assorted sandwiches (3)
Assorted Salads (3)
Marinades house
Choice of dessert
Tea, coffee, herbal tea

$28.95 / pers.

Extra cold meats:
$5.95 / pers.

Menu Three


Puff poultry
Salad and dessert
Tea, coffee

$51.25 / pers.

3-course meal:
$44.25 / pers.

Menu Four


Puff seafood
Salad and dessert
Tea, coffee

$56.75 / pers.

3-course meal:
$48.75 / pers.

Menu Five

Sugar shack meal

Ham, sausage Maple, Baked Omelette, Beans with bacon, Grilled bacon, Apple pie, Meatball stew, Boiled potato, Coleslaw, Marinades house, Pea soup
Bread, butter, creton

Sister farts, pie, pancakes
Shoot in the snow season
Tea, coffee, herbal tea, milk

Prices on request out of season

In season, served at the table, at will

Menu Six


Salmon steak sauce Maple in herbs
Tea, coffee, herbal tea

$59.25 / pers.

3-course meal:
$51.25 / pers.

Menu Seven


Half chicken cornwall
Honey or maple
Tea, coffee, herbal tea

$60.75 / pers.

3-course meal:
$52.50 / pers.

Menu Eight


Pig roasted on a spit
Pie and the mountain
Tea, coffee, herbal tea

$52.25 / pers.

3-course meal:
$0.00 / pers.

Menu Nine


Chicken supreme with mushroom
or white wine sauce
Tea, coffee, herbal tea

$59.25 / pers.

3-course meal:
$48.75 / pers.

Menu Ten


Meatball stew with mountain meat pie
and turkey
Tea, coffee, herbal tea

$67.50 / pers.

3-course meal:
$59.25 / pers.

Menu Eleven


Medallion of pork or veal
Tea, coffee, herbal tea

$57.95 / pers.
$66.25 / pers.

3-course meal:
$50.25 / pers.
$58.25 / pers.

Menu Twelve


Beef bourguignon
Tea, coffee, herbal tea

$58.25 / pers.

3-course meal:
$49.95 / pers.

Menu Thirteen


Filet mignon
Pepper sauce
Tea, coffee, herbal tea

$74.95 / pers.

3-course meal:
$67.25 / pers.

Your choices
5-course menu
  • Soup of the orchard (apples, leeks and - - potatoes)
  • Vegetable soup
  • Beet Soup
  • Crécy soup (carrots)
  • Argenteuil soup (asparagus)
  • Minestrone soup (vegetable pieces)
  • Soup squash and cheese
  • Pumpkin Soup
Salad and appetizer

Chef salad included with the meal or for $4.25 more replace your salad for an entry:
For $6.25 have an additional entry:

  • Puff mushrooms
  • Puff seafood
  • Puff pastry with asparagus, ham, cream cheese
  • Pastry with spinach, cheese and ham
  • Puff pastry with mushrooms, ham, bechamel sauce and cheese
Ice break

Choice of sorbet:

  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Apples
  • Blueberries
  • Lemon
Main course

Choose one of 16 menus

Served with seasonal vegetables, pumpkin puree and 1 accompaniment of your choice.


  • Baked potato
  • Colorful potato
  • Dauphinoise potato
  • Duchess potato
  • 7 grains rice
  • Rice with vegetables

Choice of sauces:

  • Mushroom sauce
  • Pepper sauce
  • White wine sauce
  • Red wine sauce
  • Bordelaise sauce
  • Apple and walnut pancake with maple sugar coulis served with vanilla ice cream
  • Apple and walnut cake with maple coulis and a slice of pie of your choice served with vanilla ice cream (version without walnuts also available)
    • Choice of pie available:
      • Apple pie
      • Apple and maple syrup pie
      • Apple and strawberry pie
      • Apple and Raspberry Pie
      • Apple and blueberry pie
      • 4-fruit pie (apple, raspberry, strawberry and rhubarb)
      • 5-fruit pie (apple, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and rhubarb)
      • Strawberry and rhubarb pie
      • Apple Crisp
    • Strawberry shortcake (available in strawberry season only)
Red Wines
Cliff 79, Cabernet/Shiraz
Glass : $8.50  Bottle : $30.95
Fruity wine with dominant aromas of wild fruits and eucalyptus.
Pereira, Vinho regional, Lisboa
Aromatic and fleshy palate dominated by black fruits and spices.
L’Orpailleur, Dunham
Pleasant freshness, flavors of red berries and blueberries.
Jackson-Triggs, Cabernet sauvignon
Glass : $8.50  Bottle : $28.95
Intense aromas of cassis, enhanced with vanilla and spicy notes.
Inniskillin, Pinot noir
Aromas of cherry, plum, raspberry and spices.
La belle étoile, Cabernet Sauvignon
Glass : $9.95  Bottle : $36.50
Arômes de fruits noirs mûrs et notes épicées de poivre.
Ruffino Chianti
Pleasantly fruity and sour. Cherry flavor with small earthy side.
Dogajolo Rosso
Aromas of sweet spices, woody notes, cherry stone and small red fruits
White Wines
Jackson Triggs, Pinot Grigio
Glass : $8.50  Bottle : $28.95
Aromas of lime, apple and pear, intermingled with delicate floral notes.
Cliff 79, Chardonnay
Glass : $8.50  Bottle : $30.95
Wine dominated by aromas of white fruits.
L’Orpailleur, Dunham
Flavors of pear, green apple and white flowers.
Ruffino, Pinot Grigio
Notes of wild flowers, pear, sage and mint.
Inniskillin, Chardonnay
Aromas of green apple and citrus.
Dolce Vita, Pinot Grigio
Glass: $10.95  Bottle: $39.95
Great freshness, fine mineral aromas and notes of apples.
Kim Crawford, Sauvignon blanc
Glass : $14.95  Bottle : $49.95
Notes of raspberry jam and vanilla wood.
La vie en couleur, Sauvignon blanc
Glass : $11.95  Bottle : $40.95
Sauvignon blanc with a citrus scent that explodes with freshness and fruit.
Homemade Products
Cidre tranquille | 10,5%
Glass : $5.95  750ml : $17.95
Aromas of fresh apples in the mouth, light fragrances of candied fruits. Excellent companion to white meat, fish, raclette, cheese fondue and sushi.
Petit Saint-Grégoire, cidre mousseux | 6,5%
Glass : $6.95  750ml : $19.95
Conjugate freshness and character. Perfect as an aperitif or to accompany Breton crêpes and desserts.
Alice, aperitif cider | 15%
Glass : $8.95  375ml : $26.95
Attention: Alice is wonderful! Aperitif made from apple and plum must.
Cuvée du Frère André, traditional method
Verre : $7.95  750ml : $26.95
This sparkling cider made using the method traditional will seduce you with its richness aromatic that combines freshness and character of our terroir. Perfect for your celebration!
Flasque du Kastor | 18%
200 ml : $15.95
This maple-flavored aperitif cider is a "Treasure of Montérégie" that will immerse you in the know-how of Quebec.
Cidre rosé Mousseux | 10%
Glass : $6.95  750ml : $19.95
Festive. Raspberry and strawberry flavors. In aperitif or dessert.
Rubis, apéritif cider | 16%
Glass : $8.95  375ml : $26.95
Aperitif of country expression that will make you travel and dream among the fruits of our orchards. Made from apple and raspberry must.
Ice cider | 11,5%
Glass : $9.50  375ml : $29.95
Candied apple notes. Ideal as an aperitif, with cheeses or a dessert.
Verre : $4.50  Bouteille : $15.25
Sparkling apple juice
Melba Rosé
Verre : $4.50  Bouteille : $15.25
Sparkling apple juice
Melba Poiré
Verre : $4.50  Bouteille : $15.25
Sparkling apple juice
Cabanak pilsner or red with maple, (Draft)
Glass : $7.50  Pint : $7.95  Pitcher : $24.95
Heineken, Sol
Cabanak in a can (473 ml)
Taste one of our beers brewed exclusively for Érablière Charbonneau! A tasty and good trilogy!
Maple Red | Pilsner | NEIPA
Cabanak zero dot 5 (473 ml)
Red | Pilsner | NEIPA
Cocktails and Others
Rhum & Coke
Gin Tonic
Sex on the beach
Bloody Ceasar
Virgin Ceasar
Sangria white or red
Glass : $9.95  Pitcher : $29.95
Baileys coffee
"Sortilège" coffee
Sortilège on ice
Cognac or porto
On Ice
Amaretto, Baileys, Mint cream, Grand Marnier
Punch gallon
Gallon of non-alcoholic punch
Magnum of sparkling cider

Children 3 to 12 : Half price*

*Except Menu 5